About Crazy Don’s Discount Groceries & Homewares

Having brought up three kids on a tight budget, Don and Anna are very familiar with the struggles facing families and pensioners in the Armadale, Kelmscott, Camillo, Gosnells area. The ethos behind our store is to bring our customers good quality products at prices they can afford.

It is very easy to stock a discount food store – there are countless distributors and wholesalers around the country wanting to offload failed and discontinued products but what you end up with is a store full of all the products nobody wants. Over the last 8 years we have seen many discount food stores set up in Perth and then go broke as they only stocked these dead-end products.
We have taken a different approach to stocking our shop, we listen to our customers and try to provide what they want. For example, we could stock cheap and nasty compound chocolate but instead we have forged a relationship with Lindt and sell their top quality chocolate at discount prices. We do this by taking their short dated products and our customers tell us “This is what we want – top quality at prices we can afford”.

The motto I use when buying stock is “I wont sell anything in my shop that I wouldn’t take home for my family”. To illustrate that point I will tell you a story of something that happened about two years ago in my office. A Sales Rep called to try to sell me a range of biscuits – he showed the packets and started to tell me how cheap they were. He was very surprised when I asked to taste the biscuits. As I tasted the biscuits I told him I didn’t want to buy them as they looked good but tasted dreadful. He told me many other shopkeepers had bought them, and that if I bought large quantities he could drop the price even further. Sensing he wasn’t getting my message, I finally told him “They are so bad I wouldn’t give them to my pet goats!” at which point he stormed out my office and I have never seen him again.

Another thing our customers have told us is that they appreciate us selling the fundamentals of life – like baked beans and toilet rolls at discount prices but what really excites them is being able to buy those special treats without breaking the budget. So our smoked salmon and camembert is phenomenally popular, who wouldn’t enjoy 100g of Tasmanian smoked salmon for $2.95.

So, as you have probably gathered by cruising around our website, we are running this business to make a living – but also to serve the community that surrounds us. Why not take a trip down to check us out, you might be pleasantly surprised – but be warned, most people end up coming back week after week, and some have been doing that for 8 years.